The European Union and the Pursuit of Global Governance in a Multi-Polar, Fractured World

December 8th, 2023


The European Union and the Pursuit of Global Governance in a Multi Polar, Fractured World

Friday 8 December 2023

Centre Panthéon, Salle 216, 12 place du Panthéon, Paris 

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9:15    Welcome by Nicholas Sowels , Senior Lecturer, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne

The challenges of the war in Ukraine

9:30    Interparliamentary cooperation in the EU in the face of the war in Ukraine

            Michał Dulak, Associate Professor, Jagiellonian University

9:50    Between a rock and a hard place: the impact of rule of law backsliding on the EU's response to the Russo                    Ukrainian war

           Benedetta LobinaPhD candidate, University College Dublin

10:10  How the Western capital markets and investors have financed or otherwise contributed to the                                           war machine of Russia in the last decade

            Bahram Soltani, Emeritus Professor, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

10:30   Discussion and break

            EU relations with the United States and United Kingdom

11:00    Governance and policy implications of the Inflation Reduction Act and its European response

              Maria Latorre, Professor, and David Suarez Cuesta , PhD student, Universidad Complutense de Madrid                    (online communication)

11:20     The changing relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom after Brexit

              Nicholas Sowels, Senior Lecturer, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

The international order and geoeconomics

11:40      The European Union's efforts to uphold the international rules based order: a mission impossible?

                 Jan Wouters , Full Professor, KU Leuven

12:00      The European Union's geoeconomics tools in an Multi Polar World

                Unai Gómez Hernández , PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh and KU Leuven

12:20      Discussion

12:45      Lunch at "Le Club" in the Sorbonne building

Climate, migration and the Artic

2:15        The European Union in its pursuit of being a global leader in the area of climate neutrality and renewable                     energy development 

               Olesia Tkachuk, Assistant Lecturer, Jagiellonian University

2:40       European Union w ater d iplomacy: a tool to strengthen the EU s soft power on environmental governance

               Ignacio Álvarez Arcá, Lecturer, Centro de Estudios Garrigues, Madrid

3:00      A safer and more sustainable Artic: h ow the European Union can underpin governance and international law

               Elena Conde Pérez, Professor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

3:20       The European Union on the Arctic chessboard: the potential key role of the EU to defuse tensions in the                            Arctic through science d iplomacy

               Irene Ballesteros, lawyer and PhD candidate, Institute of Peace and Conflict (IPAZ), University of                                Granada  (online communication)

3:40       Discussion

4:00       Break

Peace and defence

4:30        European Union peace capacities and mediation: an analysis of EU's integration of the Women, Peace, and                  Security and Youth, Peace, and Security Agendas   

                 Jusaima Moaid-azm Peregrina, Researcher, University of Granada and University of Salamanca (online                     communication)

4:50         Towards autonomous defence capacities of the European Union: upgrading the cyberspace policy

                  Eimys Ortiz-Hernandez, Lecturer, University of Lleida

5:10          Discussion and conclusion of the conference

5:30          End of conference

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