Una Europa Global Governance Research Group

An interdisciplinary "Research Group on Global Governance" 

composed by members of the Una Europa alliance

Main features

Ambitious goal

Under the initiative of Prof. María C. Latorre (Facultad de Estudios Estadísticos, Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and Prof. Jan Wouters (Faculty of Law, KU Leuven), researchers from Una Europa universities have formed the "Una Europa Global Governance Research Group". We want to offer relevant advice to policymakers grounded in cutting-edge research, while pedagogical collaborations are also envisaged.

Interdisciplinary character

One of the richness of the group is its interdisciplinary approach. The Founding Members of the Una Europa Global Governance Research Group come from different lines of research, such as, computational methods, law, statistics, economics and international relationships, among others. We are open to collaborate with researchers from universities from the Una Europa Alliance working in these and other close lines of research.

Strong team

We already have a strong, committed and interdisciplinary initial team of founding members. It is strong because it is composed of Senior Academics from each of the eight UNA Europa Universities and also includes an additional partner, which is Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University.

Collaborations with policymakers

The founding members of the Una Europa Global Governance Research Group have experience in developing applied research, which is relevant for policymakers. We want to go deeper into these relations and, to that aim, we have promoted a series of seminars called "Dialogues between policymakers and Academia". 


As an UNA Europa initiative, we believe university is...



The eight European Universities that conform the Una Europa Alliance

Real Colegio Complutense at Harvard University


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